Always at full power in logistics and supply chain

VIA Logistics Professionals is specialised in the recruitment and selection of logistics professionals and we help you with the knowledge and capacity your company needs. We use various professional tools to make the best possible match. We can also strengthen you temporarily by providing you with extra capacity. If you want to train or further develop your own people, our VIA Academy offers many possibilities. This way, we can always help you move forward.

Focus on logistics and supply chain

We are specialised in logistics and supply chain for more than 25 years and know this world like no other. That’s why we switch quickly and we always keep our promises. Exactly the way you like to work. Our strength is that within these frameworks we find the space to work carefully and personally. So that there is a click at all levels and everyone adds the value you can expect.

We always find the smartest solution

As an advisor and sparring partner, we like to think along with you about the issues that arise within your organisation. We use our knowledge of the labour market and logistics to come up with solutions. Clever and practical if possible, out of the box if necessary. We have been working with many clients for years. The better we know your organisation, the better we can advise you. In this way, our cooperation becomes stronger every day.